Friday, December 19, 2008

It's good to be Crafty

One Christmas years ago my sister, cousins, and I were in love with the New Kids on the Block. A year later we were over them and everyone knew except for one of our uncles. He thought he had bought us the coolest gift ever, New Kids on the Block sweaters. We were all horrified. There was no way we'd be caught wearing NKOB sweaters, they were so lame. My poor heartbroken uncle took them all back.
Well here I am 14 or so years later shopping at Target when I find High School Musical 3 and Camp Rock dvd games. They look so cool, I want them for myself (yes I am a fan of all the Disney musicals). I buy them for my little cousins who are 12 &13. I call their moms only to find out that the girls are "too cool" for HSM & Camp Rock. My heart just broke. What will I do now, I'm not about to stand in a huge line to return them only to have to search for a new gift. This is were being crafty comes in handy. They've just had their rooms painted and would like to have murals painted. So that's what I'm doing, painting murals for Christmas. I've finished one, and should have the second done after New Years.
The moral of my story is "Kids be kind to your family members that give you bad gifts, someday you will be that old out of touch adult doing the gift giving." Happy Holidays.

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