Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crafty Christmas Day 17

I'm a fan of the rustic shabby chic look as well as vintage images. Signs and Salvage combines both to make these lovely little signs. Signs and Salvage has a variety of signs to choose from, many can be personalized.

Here's a little about Signs and Salvage:

How long have you been crafting?
Kristin -has been crafting in some form FOREVER. I have been salvaging furniture and vintage items for years and our signs were just a natural progression.
Jennifer- has always had a good eye for style and color. I have worked with local retailers and contractors for years, choosing color palettes for new and existing homes.

What inspires your art?
We have a "just go for it" attitude! If you are are bound to mess up once in a while!! It is just paint and wood (and LOTS of glitter) so you just have to go for sometimes. Most of our best sellers have been created when we are goofing off:) We are also very inspired by our surroundings (the Central Coast of California) and creating a piece of art from salvaged wood. We just go with the flow too. When we first started we had NO idea that vintage mermaids, vintage trailer trash, Twilight and vintage Virgin Marys would be our best selling signs! Who knew??? We were just doing Victorian Christmas and it just grew from there:)

What are your favorite methods/ materials to use in your artwork?
We are like Lucy & Ethel!!! WE cut the wood on a HUGE saw...always say a little prayer first that we don't cut any fingers off! Our signs are made with salvaged wood...vintage artwork, glitter, beads & wire! Since we have is easier for us to work from our homes. You should see my house...GLITTER everywhere!!!

What sets you apart from other artist?
Because we use salvaged materials...all of our signs are one of a kind. We also work VERY closely with each customer/shop and create signs that are custom and fit their specific need. We also do not have a minimum that helps shops fill in as they go.

Take a look at everything Signs and Salvage has to offer in their Etsy shop http://signsandsalv
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