Friday, December 5, 2008

Crafty Christmas Day 7

Growing up in South Texas, with a mom who did lots of craft shows I grew to love primitive style crafts. When I came across Everlasting Primitives shop it brought back memories of helping my mom at craft shows :) Everlasting Primitives has great Christmas decorations, from stockings, to ornaments and even tree skirts that will make your holidays feel so cozy.

Here is a little about Everlasting Primitives:

How long have you been crafting:
Ive been crafting nearly my entire life. Both my grandparents were artists so I grew up with a brush in my hand or a needle as far back as I can remember. So I guess at least 39 years.

What are your favorite methods/ materials to use in your artwork?
Fabric by far, but anything that gives me a challenge to paint on really gets me motivated. I also love to paint on glass.

What sets you apart from other artist?
I love to do different things. Either working with flowers, painting, sewing, you name it. My love is for primitive style.

Everlasting Primitives can be found on Etsy at .

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