Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crafty Christmas Day 20

I'm not the biggest fan of winter in Dallas. I'm a South Texas girl, and I'm acustom to green grass and leaves in the middle of winter. So when I look out side and the trees are leave less the sky is gloomy and cold it really makes me miss home. I love to be surrounded with color. MKanvinde is a great artist that uses color to its fullest potential. As I look through her artwork I feel at home again, such warm vibrant colors take away my dreary mood.

Here's a little about MKanvinde:

How long have you been crafting?
I have always had an inclination for art since childhood, but I decided to make my hobby into full time profession 3 years back.

What inspires your art?
Life is my biggest inspiration. There is so much beauty in this world and my art tries to capture this beauty from my surrounding.

What are your favorite methods/ materials to use in your artwork?
I love to experiment with different techniques to create exciting work. My medium is mostly acrylic paint and sometimes watercolours. I am also an Certified Folk Artist and will be happy to take custom orders to create specials pieces of art.

What sets you apart from other artist?
I love bright and bold colours. My art is vibrant and inspirational. There is enough sorrow in the world and so I try to create artwork that gives pleasure and peace to me and the viewers.

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