Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cards- Time to get them mailed!

Everyone is waiting. It's not too late to send out those Christmas cards, or maybe send out some Happy New Year's cards a little early.

HeySaylor has some really great holiday cards that feature vintage Barbie and Ken dolls. In some hilarious situations.

Here is a little about the genius behind HeySaylor, Christopher Laris:

I've collected vintage Barbies for a couple of years and I've been making my cards for a lil' over a year. It started as a joke with friends. I'd set up a quick scene with my Barbies , photograph it and print it up on paper and give them as "cards" for birthdays, get well, sorry you didn't get that raise. After some persuasion I decided to put my Barbies to work and make them earn their keep by featuring them on real greeting cards.

It all started with Football Ken and Slumber Party. The response was good so I thought maybe I was on to something. I've been very lucky and appreciative that my silly little hobby has been well receieved.

Life in the early 60's is what inspires me- the fashion, interior design and how Barbie reflected the times. Everything from her clothes, which were so detailed and incredibly well made to her mid-century inspired dream houses.

My favorite elements to use are any Barbie stuff made up to 1964.

Check out HeySaylor's shop for cards for every occasion

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