Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Count Down 13

Whenever I see leather work it reminds me of my husband (he designs leather furniture). I love this necklace by BlissfullyUnique is so beautiful, simple in design yet it makes such a big statement. BlissfullyUnique has a great variety of OOAK leather jewelry pieces that are sure to make people ask where you got that beautiful piece of jewelry.

Here is a little about BlissfullyUnique:

How long have you been crafting?
Ive been doing this for a year and a half now but have been a crafter ever since I was little, sewing with my grandma.

What inspires your art?
A big inspiration to me is vintage. I love vintage and like to add a little touch of it to some of my pieces, along with nature. Enjoy finding beautiful pieces from nature and turning them into jewelery. This makes it a one of a kind pieces. Other people art inspires me also. There is tons of wonderful artists out there.

What is your favorite method/ material?
My methods of my items are mostly hand designed and cut. I don't know if its my favorite as it would be nice and quicker to die cut or laser but that is the method I use. I sketch up the designs and them make cut out to trace with. I luv working with pieces from nature, leather and vintage fabrics. I like to recycle and that would be the reason for the items I like to work with.

What sets you apart from other artist?
I like to add a little touch of something I luv that is different from others. One thing Ive started doing is making some of my pieces reversible, known as "2 in one" so that the items are like having two different types of necklaces for the price of one. For example one side will be a solid while the other is a mixture of colors.


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