Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 minute Necklace Holder

It's craft show season again, YAY! I've been busy not only designing new products for my upcoming shows, but working on creating displays too. This season I've designed some new jewelry pieces. I have wire jewelry trees, but they take a lot of room on my tables and usually are not tall enough for my necklaces. I researched different jewelry displays but couldn't find anything that met my needs. I needed something that didn't take up a lot of table space (jewelry is only a small part of booth), it had to be tall enough for my long necklaces, and finally it had to be inexpensive. I also wanted something I could easily store in my studio since my closet is bursting already. That's when the idea hit me, all I really needed was a small strip of wood and some nails. I could leave the nails sticking out a bit from the wood and hang the necklaces from them. I could attach the display to the metal shelves that I use in my display and I could also hang it on the wall in my office to store it. This project was so quick and easy I was able to make two in around 30 minutes.

Learn how to make your own here.

12" scrap of wood
triangle frame hangers
upholstery tacks

Step 1: Attach frame hooks to back side of wood scrap.

Step 2: Turn over and make marks for upholstery tacks 1" apart.

Step 3: Hammer upholstery nails to front.
Step 4: Hang your jewelry rack on the wall, and display your favorite necklaces.

This is how my necklace holder looks hanging from my metal display shelves.
Total project cost- $0 , everything used was already in the garage left over from other projects :)


FunkyFeisty said...

So simple! And it looks great! I will be blogging about my spectacular prize tomorrow. It looks awesome!

Unknown said...

@FunkyFeisty so glad you like the composition book, I know you'll fill it with awesome ideas :)

Eclectic Design Choices said...

Great job turning left over odds and ends into a solution for your display needs.