Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hand Beaded Sugar Skull

When I was little I remember watching my mom sit with a stack of cut out felt shapes and a box full of sequins and beads. She would make big beaded broaches in the images of Santa, Poinsettias, valentines hearts, and pretty much everything else. Every now and then she'd let me help with one, half way through I'd get bored and give up. Last year I bought some fabric that I loved, and wanted to make some throw pillows with. After the first couple of pillows were done, they were cute but I couldn't help but think they were missing something. I dug through my craft closet and found a package of sequins and seed beads and knew that was exactly what was missing from my pillows, some sparkle.

 I finished the first couple of pillows and was hooked. I understood why my mom liked beading so much. I could sit in front of the tv and zone out while I beaded. Nothing to over think, no excessive planning, just me, my fabric and my box of bead.
Since the first pillows I've made a few dozen more. I've even designed my own images to bead. I've managed to sell my pillows at local craft shows, get them featured on the Dallas Observer website ( http://www.dallasobserver.com/slideshow/etsy-dallas-3rd-annual-jingle-bash-31900388/4/ ), and even had a few shops start carrying my pillows.
I decided to trying some thing bigger than my pillows, something to redeem my childhood give ups. I needed to think big. I remembered I had some old frames in the garage, just waiting for the perfect project. It came to me, a huge beaded sugar skull. I've been working on it for almost a week and tonight I finished it. I think I can consider myself redeemed, don't you?

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FunkyFeisty said...

Very cool. my 6 year old loves it. He keeps thinking of new adjectives for it. "Awesome", Pretty", "cool" and "cute" were just a few. kid's got good taste. ;)