Saturday, July 4, 2009

My First Video Tutorial

I just got my new MacBook Pro, and I've been figuring out how to use all the awesome software that came with it.
I tried out iMovie yesterday and made a screen printing tutorial to share with
everyone. This is my first attempt at video tutorials, so please be kind I was
nervous. Hope you find this informative, and I'd love to see pictures if you try it out.

Below is a list of materials that you can print and take to the store.


10"-12" embroidery hoop
1/2 yd polyester lining or (old pair of nylon stockings if you want to be green:) )
Mod Podge
masking tape
sponge brush
paint brushes in various sizes
fabric paint or screen printing ink
ball point pen

Let me know what you think about the tutorial. Have fun.

1 comment:

COME ON BABY said...

Awesome!! We found you on Youtube and we are trying this tomorrow!!! Wish is luck. Thanks for the great info.