Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Newest Creation

This project has been on my mind for over a year now. I finally had the chance to make it happen. As you may know by now I LOVE Mexican inspired artwork and imagery. I'm also a big fan of sugar skulls and all things Dia De Los Muertos. I however am not a quilter. I've tried my hand at the little squares, not my thing. I've read books and magazines to learn the "Proper" way to make quilts and applique, but really is there a "proper" way to make art? I don't believe so. I put the books back on the shelf and pulled out my sketch book. I drew a couple of designs that I wanted to work on, the Sugar Skulls being on the top of my list. Once I had my design drawn I pulled out my stack of tissue paper. Just plain old gift bag stuffing tissue paper. It was the perfect size. I drew out piece by piece each part of the sugar skulls on the tissue and cut them out. I arranged them on my table to make sure they were the right sizes for what I wanted to do. Then I headed over to Joanns (Quilters Quarters were on sale for $1) and I picked out the colors I wanted to use and I even found the perfect background fabric. It's black with colorful dots, it reminds me of confetti. I cut out all my pieces from the fabric, pinned together and started sewing. No special fusing, just fabric, pins and the zig zag stich on my machine. It took me around 3 days, just because I had a lot of other work on my plate, but I finished it. It's not proper, or perfect but I love it. I'm starting on my second quilt, a sacred heart this time. I've run out of black thread so it's back to the store for my. Hope my little piece of art inspires you to make something unproper today.

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Susie said...

That is a SWEET blanket. you have the coolest stuff!