Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tutorial- Embroidery Hoop Artwork

I've been fixing up my office, and trying to find artwork to put up on the walls. As I was cleaning I found a few embroidery hoops that were sitting in a box forever. I remembered seeing them turned into frames for fabric scraps. Since I have a ton of fabric laying around also, I thought Perfect! I have my artwork.

This project is very simple, and quick. It is also inexpensive, and would make a great Christmas gift.

1 embroidery hoop ( large enough for your fabric image)
craft paint ( any color)
paint brush
scrap fabric (larger than embroidery hoop)

1.Collect supplies.

2. Paint outer embroidery hoop.

3. Let hoop dry.

4. Lay fabric over inner hoop. Center as desired.

5. Place outer hoop on top of fabric. Push down, and pull fabric until it is tight. Tighten screw as much as possible.

6. Cut excess fabric from back.

7. Hang on wall. Make more, all different sizes for a really cool wall decoration.
You can also embellish the fabric for a really unique look.

Now I'm off to make more to cover the whole blank wall behind me. Well maybe not the whole wall but a good portion of it.

Not feeling crafty but like this project check out for artwork similar to this.

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