Monday, June 22, 2009

Toy Time



We finally bought a toddler bed for the little one. My oldest wanted his brother to sleep in his room, so we stuck the bed in there. Now I'm cleaning out toys like crazy, every inch of his room has toys in it. I decided to buy 2 small toy boxes, one for each of them, and purge the crazy mess of toys. Whatever doesn't fit in the bins will find a new home out of my house. I had been looking for toy boxes for the longest time, and not finding anything that matched either room. I finally found some unfinished wood boxes on sale at Joanns. I asked my oldest what he wanted on his box and he replied "A scary T-Rex!" So I got to painting, and even let him help. I like they way it came out. I still have one to go. My son stamped the footprints, I made the stamps out of fun foam.

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