Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Little Patternless Sewing

When I finished my new tank tops I had a skirt in my mind that I wanted to make to wear them with. I know the look isn't for everyone, it's even bolder that I tend to be, but I love this skirt tank combo so much I can't wait to wear it.

The skirt was super simple to make. I'll add some pictures to the tutorial later for now here is a step by step to make your own.

1 1/2 - 2 yards of fabric
matching thread
1" no roll elastic
sewing machine

Step 1:
Measure your waist and multiplied that number by 1.5 ( ex: 32 x 1.5 = 48). Then take that number and divided it by 2 ( ex: 48/2= 24).

Step 2:
Measure the length from where you want your waist to where you'd like the hem of your skirt. Add 3" to that number.

Step 3:
Cut out 2 rectangles (ex: 24" x 28").

Step 4:
Sew front and back together with outsides facing each other.

Step 5:
Fold top hem 1/2", then again 1". Pin and sew leaving a small space to thread the elastic through.

Step 6:
Thread elastic, and sew ends together.

Step 7:
Fold bottom hem 1/2", press with hot iron. Fold hem up another 1/2", press with hot iron, pin and sew.

Step 8:
Wear it :)

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