Monday, May 4, 2009

Mothers Day Gift- tutorial

Mother's Day is next weekend, are you ready. My parents and grandparents love homemade gifts, especially when my boys make them. Being that the kids are so young (5 & 1) it is some times hard to find projects that they can help with. This is perfect for the little ones. Hand print flowers, messy enough for kids to have fun, not so messy mom can't clean up fast.

Tshirt or canvas tote bag
Tulip brand soft fabric paint
Tulip brand paint writers
Sponge paint brush
baby wipes
card board

  1. Prepare your shirt or bag by placing card board inside so that front and back don't stick together.
  2. Paint childs hand, and place on shirt/bag. Repeat in the shape of a flower (4 or 5 hand prints).
  3. Clean child up with baby wipes.
  4. Using paint brush add a steam and leaves to your flower.
  5. Paint dot in center of hand prints.
  6. Use paint writers to personalize message. Add initials and date.

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